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by connecting apps to your systems, secure, fast and reliable.

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Discover new possibilities with mobile apps

  • Create a Direct Marketing Channel
  • Provice value to your customers
  • Improving process leadtimes
  • Enable bring your own device for co-workers
  • Get access to data anytime anywhere
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why our solutions

We enable connectivity to your applications, secure and scalable. We deliver apps, infrastructure and ways to engage that are designed for mobile users. That means all interactions can be personalized based on data, processed securely across touchpoints and delivered in an elegant user experience.

We have multiple connectivity possibilites.

  • IBM Mobile first
  • SAP Mobile Platform
  • Node.js and express

why our apps

The apps are developed together with the customers. Serving a real business need. Based upon our experience of process simplifcation and end-user imput we develop our apps. Making them as simple as possible. What is the information a user needs to make a decision and what is the minimum input we need back. All our apps are developed through iterations.

regular updates

Mobile device and operation systems change regulary. We make sure all our apps stay up-to-date with the latest technology.


Besides the functionality the design of apps is a very important factor. Beautifull designs makes the apps. Our apps are easy to customize in your brand style.

IBM Mobile first

Connecting via IBM Mobile first

As IBM Business partner we using IBM Mobile first as our preferred connectivity solutions. The Mobile first platform of IBM is based upon the partnership with Apple. Do you need to show a real return on mobile apps? You can better build, integrate, and manage existing or new apps at scale with IBM MobileFirst Platform. Think rapid development, continuous improvement, security and personalization. With a single point of integration for enterprise, device, and cloud data – using any (or all) of the cloud services you need.

Node.js framework

Connecting with Node

Node really shines in building fast, scalable network applications, as it’s capable of handling a huge number of simultaneous connections with high throughput, which equates to high scalability.


All our apps are connected to other administrative systems. Below example of use cases, which show the benefits of mobile apps for companies.

Inventory app

Tracking inventory and creating orders when service engineers run out of stock. Enables real-time ordering and stock allocation to mobile workers

PDF signature

App for digital customer approval. Getting customer approval directly in your systems


Timewriting app enables timewriting on customer orders or projects.

Subscription app

App to manage customer subscriptions. The integration with invoicing and collection of payments.

personal planner

Customers are enabled to register for training. Training participation is measured leading to a much higher particiption rate.

Expenses tracking

No more paper receipts, all receipts go directing into accounting system

development team

Fermat uses a large network of developers. Depending on the scope, size and time additional developers are hired. Most developers are based in the Netherlands, we worked together with developers from Spain and Poland
Jorgen Boukens
Developer and owner
Connecting systems to enable data exchange to mobile devices and web applications.
Karlijn is working for Mediadam. A design and marketing company.
Seth Bos
Mobile website developer
Seth has an extensive experience in the medical IT systems. He combines process knowlegde with lean thinking and developing powerfull applications

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